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Lead, Gender equity & Women’s Rights Programme, Utthan

  • Ahmadabad,
Apply by 25 August 2022

Role: Lead & provide direction to Utthan’s gender and justice related interventions – framing issues, planning, strategizing, monitoring, evaluation and facilitating learning across programmes, trainings, institution building and networking) in all field locations of Utthan, with multiple internal and external stakeholders.


Key components of the Role

Ÿ Technical Support and Programming Ÿ Capacity Enhancement Ÿ Partnerships and Coordination Ÿ Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Ÿ Administrative and Organisational development


Technical Support and Programming:

§ Coordinate, support and manage implementation of Gender & justice interventions, using a results-based approach incorporating creativity, innovation, and responsiveness to the needs, and thorough monitoring and reporting;

§ Provide technical support to the Field teams aimed at capacity development and institutional strengthening;

§ Support and advise the management, build knowledge and programming practices in relation to gender equity and justice; Assist in writing proposals and engaging in resource mobilization efforts to support joint programming;

§ Provide technical support to field teams for evidence-based advocacy and develop policy documents to address gender issues through key partners;

§ Participate in relevant organisational planning and programming


Capacity Building:

§ Provide technical support to revise and develop contextualized training and IEC materials

§ Coordinate and facilitate training sessions on programme subjects for grassroots leadership and field teams


Partnerships and Coordination:

§ Establish linkages between existing gender programmes to ensure synergies between programmes and maximize programme impact;

§ Support multi-issue gender coordination in all field locations in close coordination with senior team, and organizational stakeholders;

§ Work in close partnership with other Programme and Function domains to support and ensure gender equity and justice priorities are integrated across all areas of intervention and organisational development processes;

§ Ensure close coordination between Support office and Field offices, through regular communication with relevant stakeholders and reporting to Management;

§ Work in close collaboration with the relevant government and non-Government stakeholders to strengthen the integration of gender and facilitate inter-agency, multi-sectoral promotion of gender equity and justice in all interventions at grassroots level;

§ Represent Utthan in relevant State and national Networks, alliances and with other stakeholders, facilitating linkages/leadership of field teams/Federations, providing inputs based on field realities and policy environment;


Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting:

§ Analyze and report on progress in terms of achieving results, using existing monitoring and evaluation tools and introducing new mechanisms and systems;

§ Identify constraints and resource deficiencies and recommend corrective action;

§ Supervise preparation of annual and other periodic work plans by Women’s Federation’s, monitor and evaluate progress according to the project monitoring plan, including initiatives with Networks towards projected programme results, documents and apply lessons learnt to close the gaps;

§ Monitor project expenditures and disbursements to ensure delivery is in line with approved project budgets and to realize targeted delivery levels, and coordinate timely delivery of quality project and financial reporting and ensure adequacy with finance and activities;

§ Undertake regular monitoring and meetings with relevant actors including Women’s Federation’s in assessing the gender trends, patterns and advise on prevention and response strategies


Administrative and Miscellaneous Duties:

§ Ensure full awareness and adherence to all organizational policies (maintenance of equipment’s & assets, travel, vehicle, procurement, human resources, etc.);

§ Support and supervise development of Performance Appraisal and Development plans and provide regular feedback and support to facilitate professional development of team and ensure their safety and well-being.

Administrative oversight;

Functional details:

About Utthan


Utthan is a community-based nonprofit, based in Gujarat since 1981. Modeled around gender just and inclusive community empowerment through capacity building and developing local leadership and institutions at several levels, Utthan has employed people’s knowledge and new innovations to help demonstrate best and brave practices. Promoting peaceful coexistence, ensuring human rights, gender justice and inclusive, sustainable development for positive change in the status of the marginalized forms the core of Utthan’s approach.


With a capacity to work with a wide range of stakeholders at the micro, macro and international levels, integrating lessons learnt from each, Utthan’s thrust areas are intrinsically linked to each other and have emerged as major issues during its journey for social justice in Gujarat.

I.              Gender Equity & Women’s Rights

II.             Livelihood Security

III.           Conflict Transformation towards Peace and Justice

IV.           Access to Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene    

V.             Institutional Building and Leadership Development

Utthan’s Theory of Change: Utthan is founded on the values of equity, democracy, liberty, secularism and social justice. The realisation of these, links everything it does, and every capacity it tries to build and sustain. Institutional Building and Leadership Development is considered key to bring change in exploitative power relationships and realisation of rights. This leads to socio, economic, political change for those at the margins, enabling a quality of life based on justice, equity and dignity. Developing just and equitable demonstrations, both technical and social, around people’s institutions is a mechanism which lends sustainability and a clear multiplier impact.

The interventions on Gender Equity & Women’s Rights are currently spread over 5 Districts (3 Coastal and 3 Tribal) with women of marginalized communities viz. Dalit, tribal, OBC, religious minorities and economically poor communities organized into Women’s Federations.  Initiatives within this thrust area address existing inequalities in society by challenging patriarchal attitudes embedded in formal and informal structures and institutions. With a focus on protecting and securing rights of women and girls, Utthan is currently working on the issues of Right to Safety and Security, Resource Rights (Land, Property, Forest, Credit), Right to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Political Participation and Access to Basic Entitlements. Integrating a feminist approach in all thrust areas is a priority.




Competencies expected

§ Ability to support formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects;

§ Substantive knowledge and experience related to current policies and practices in the fields of gender equity, justice, sustainable development;

§ Knowledge of Transformative & Results Based Management principles and approaches;

§ Abilities in training design and delivery

§ Ability to maintain networks and partnerships with various stakeholders to promote partnership and build alliances to advance organizational interests and competencies;

§ Demonstrated good oral and written communication skills.


Required Skills and Experience


§ Advanced university degree in social sciences, gender, development or related field.



§ At least 5 years of increasingly responsible relevant professional experience, including experience in coordination/programming/MEL for gender programmes with a range of partners, stakeholders and actively liaising with grassroots institutions

§ Knowledge of gender and justice issues and discourse in development

§ Prior training in gender, justice, human rights issues and their application in grasssroots settings;

§ Field experience and good understanding of local issues



§ Fluency in oral and written English essential.

§ Working knowledge of Gujarati and/or Hindi essential.



§ Willingness to travel to field areas (10-12 days a month)


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0 - 50000
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mid level
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2 months

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