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Program Lead - Data and Systems
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1. Conceptualize and Implement large-scale IT Solutions 
a. Understand requirements from the relevant stakeholders and ideate to a consultative technical solution 
- You will coordinate with various teams both internal and external to elicit and thoroughly understand the requirements 
- You will think through various solutions and make recommendations based on various considerations (scope, time and cost) 

b. Involve in planning, procurement, development and implementation of technical solutions 
- You will coordinate with end users and other stakeholders continually through the planning and development phase to ensure their needs are being met within project timelines 
- You will work with procurement to build specifications documents and technically evaluate proposals 
- You will oversee the development and implementation process with relevant stakeholders and ensure that various exercises including user acceptance testing (UAT), training of end users and piloting of the technical solution are conducted smoothly 
- You will be responsible to vet and recommend changes to the technical solution and validate effort estimates from vendors 

2. Conceptualize and build dashboards, conduct data analysis and other ad hoc scripting tasks 
a. Conceptualize and build operational and program dashboards for monitoring and tracking through key indicators 
- You will have to build, maintain and improve descriptive analysis that help the grantees program leads/senior management/Board to track programs and take strategic decisions 
- You will be expected to extract, dig into, clean and transform the data to be prepared for analysis 
- You will ensure ETL processes are well-thought of to ensure that the dashboards are built in a scalable manner and factor other performance considerations to ensure a smooth user experience 

b. Work on exploratory data analysis to inform key decisions in grant-making and grant-management from publicly available or internal datasets 

c. Perform ad-hoc scripting for automation of tasks using VBA, Python, Google Script etc. 

d. Mentor and provide feedback to junior team member/s to implement most optimal solutions 

Qualifications and skills 
a. Degree from a reputed institution with a good academic record; a certification in data analytics is preferred 
b. 4-10 years of experience (mix of corporate and development sector experience preferred) in IT systems deployment (preferably in technical consulting/IT project management roles) and/or in data analytics in any sector
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