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Lifelong Financial Advisors
We are enabling low-income households for a better tomorrow by helping them plan today. We educate them about financial planning, nudge them to become investors into their safer future and offer affordable goal-based products. Our saving and insurance products are designed in a way that helps these households achieve their life goals and protect them against uncertainties in life.

Pink Capital has a three fold approach towards fulfilling their vision. (a) Stronger & Wider Outreach (b) Empowering Communities and (c) Offer Goal-Based all-weather products. With an all-in-one Android App, in-house and partner agents become remote financial advisors. Access to Digital financial literacy program and curated content in regional languages based on household needs. Segment customers using household & behavioural data to offer products that benefit them.

Job Summary
This is a dynamic role with responsibilities that can include identifying market opportunities, developing business plans and forecasts, and participating in early marketing activities to build brand awareness and excitement for Pink Capital and their product. You must be a big-picture thinker with a practical bent of mind. Balance big-picture thinking with the day-to-day tasks that go into building a successful organization.

Candidate Description -
Duties and Responsibilities

Identify Market Opportunities
Manage Product Development
Direct Marketing and Promotion
Develop Financial Estimates
Create Business Plans and Documents
Build and Lead Teams


Having the ability to think critically, identify trends, and create original ideas for products are the most important. 

Strategic thinking
Market research
Product development
Marketing and promotion
Personnel management
Financial planning


Bachelors from a top tier educational institution in any discipline. Entrepreneurial bent of mind with an understanding of the social impact sector is key. Background in the social impact sector is desirable.

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financial advisory, strategy development,

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GreenPark, South Delhi


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