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Senior Manager - Business Development
  • Bangalore, Chennai

  • ₹ 1000000 - 2000000 p/a

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Position Purpose & Key Responsibilities:
- You love scale and excellence. You are not satisfied with mediocrity. You look to delight the client with every contact of yours - in person, over the phone or with your emails/messages. As you wear two hats of vying for new growth and servicing existing partner schools you would need to balance both roles
- You feel the pulse. As a growth person, there is no set formula for success.
- You are willing to listen and adapt your pitch to what is needed at that moment instead of coming with a preconceived notion.
- You have a research mindset. A large part of the work will involve finding out about potential clients in advance. This will require spending the time to get information about the school or the person you are visiting or speaking/writing to
- Data-driven attitude. Trust but verify. You are comfortable looking at numbers to analyze whether the program is working effectively instead of going by your hunch
- Documentation/Attention to detail. Old adage - what is not documented is not done. You don't mind keeping tracking of your work, which in turn helps you plan your days better.
- You will innovate to achieve your targets
Candidate Description -
Required Qualification & Skills:
- Passion for making it big and scaling up
- Leveraging network and creating channel/distribution partners
- Heart for client success and delight
- Good writing, language, and editing skills
- Interpersonal skills & communication skills
- Results driven with strong learning skills
- Willingness to travel at short notice

Key Factor for Success:
- Alignment to the vision & mission with an aim to create deep real-world impact
- Energetic, flexible, and -

About Company
Stones2milestones is on a mission to ‘Create a Nation of Readers’.

Since English is a major international language, the ability to read fluently in English is a life­ skill that is crucial to academic success and to participate in the global arena. However, for several reasons, Indian children are trailing behind in their ability to read and comprehend English and we can no longer ignore the research. A child who doesn’t read at grade level expectancy by class 4 will never catch up!

It is our goal to change this even for children in non-English environments. We want to make learning to read a conscious design of the curriculum. The focus is on enabling the skill to make reading easy and also on developing the will to make reading enjoyable. As the window for this intervention is from age 3 to age 9, we integrate this program with the early school curriculum. Besides providing this to schools, we also equip the parents to support this growth in their children.

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