Workshop Series: #UnlockingPotential

Building Strong Human Resource Systems

Arthan is launching a workshop series, with a focus on hiring, retaining and developing talent to provide hands-on training,  capacity building and 1-1 consulting support to social enterprises.

  • Hiring: Strategies & processes
  • Performance Management: Setting up & monitoring
  • L&D programs: Functional upskilling

The workshops will encourage informed discussions and give actionable tips on addressing talent-related challenges. The 1-1 consulting aims to dive deeper into the organisation’s specific challenges and provide actionable steps towards building strong human resource systems.

Date: February 5, 2020
Time: 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm
Venue: The University of Chicago Center, New Delhi


Satyam Vyas
Anchal Kakkar
Vice President
Rahul Balakrishnan
Vice President
Ruchi Sarin Sharma
HR Leader
CSF, ex-Dasra


People form the backbone of an organisation. It is through their hard work and talent that an organisation fulfils its missions. Yet, studies show that more than 23% of organisations fail due to hiring the wrong talent and more than 35% of them fail due to poor leadership and people management. Therefore, hiring the right team and investing in talent management should be one of the key priorities for any organisation.

Talent management still remains one of the key challenges faced by organisations in the sector. A study by Bridgespan reveals that more than 50% of the organisations in the sector face the challenge of attracting, retaining and developing talent, which hinders their ability to achieve social objectives, leading to a loss in funds, increase in costs, high attrition, demotivated employees and low productivity

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