The Earth Innovation (AI Grant) Is Accepting Proposals

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The Earth Innovation (AI Grant) Is Accepting Proposals


Microsoft’s AI for Earth program has come together with the National Geographic Society to support innovative projects that make use of AI technology to improve and manage our ability to monitor and model Earth’s natural systems.

Planet Earth is facing drastic environmental challenges, scientists are struggling with questions about the natural systems and also the reliability of the data being collected via technology.

About the Grant

Projects that create and launch open source trained models and algorithms, that assist in providing efficient means of key analytical processes in the environment field, will be given support to through this grant.

Microsoft will help successful projects, in making their models available for innovative environmentalists and researchers.

The proposal must create generalizable, scalable tools that use AI for conservation in at least one of the following;

  1. Climate Change (resilience, adaptation, mitigation)
    • Extreme climate and weather modeling
    • Sustainable land-use change
    • Ecosystem services (e.g. afforestation/ carbon sequestration/etc.)
    • Resilience to natural disasters (extreme impact events like floods/droughts etc.)
  2. Agriculture (sustainable, low impact model)
    • Land use management and planning
    • Precision Agriculture
    • Conservation of Natural Resources
    • Climate resilient agriculture
    • Attaining water efficiency and management
  3. Water (Anticipating climate change impacts on freshwater supply)
    • Catchment control (water supply)
    • Extreme events (impact on water supply)
    • Water sanitation and quality

Tip: Align your project with a research group to strengthen your proposal

Grant Resources

Grant range: $5,000 to $100,000

Do visit the Prepare you Proposal page for guidance on submitting a budget.

Successful proposals will receive: free access to AI Earth APIs and more, on Microsoft Azure.

Application Deadline: 9th October 2019


All models supported through this grant must be open source, and grant recipients must be willing to publicly share their models for use by other environmental researchers and their data for use by the National Geographic Society.

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