Social Innovation Management Program

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Social Innovation Management Program

Applications are open for Amani Institute’s award-winning Post-Graduate Program in Social Innovation Management.

Deadline: 13th January

This program is a 6 month intensive program where you will learn from practice, be trained by exceptional instructors to unlock your potential, gain skills and create career networks that YOU really want.

This program runs twice a year, with a two-month online foundation phase and a four-month immersion phase in a global social innovation hub. You can choose to immerse yourself in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Nairobi (Kenya) or Bengaluru (India).

You can participate in the graduate program in Social Innovation Management even if you are currently working.

The Social Innovation Management program is in English.

The 6-month program includes:

10 skills building courses run by Amani Institute facilitators and global master practitioners are:

  1. The Practice of Social Innovation
  2. Self Leadership: The Inner Journey of the Changemaker
  3. Building Intrapreneurship skills
  4. Managing your Career in the Impact Sector
  5. Bio-Empathy: Learning Innovation Tools from Nature
  6. Storytelling as a Leadership skill
  7. Turning an Idea into a Program or Venture
  8. Leading and Managing Social Impact
  9. Measuring Social Impact
  10. One surprise course in each location

Limited financial aid is available. Learn more about the program here

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