Life in the time of corona

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Life in the time of corona

By Mridula Kashyap

What started as a conversation between two teammates turned into an organisation-wide search for ways to deal with working from home while *having* to stay at home. So, here’s what TeamArthanRecommends!

If you haven’t realized already, working from home vs working from home in the times of coronavirus are two very different things. We guess it takes one to go through the experience to understand that!

Because this isn’t a I’m-WFH-today-but-from-a-lovely-cafe kinda work from home. It is a stay-at-home-AT-ALL-TIMES-to-stay-safe-and-work-from-home kinda work from home!

And it can get a little challenging. So, Team Arthan came together (not literally, of course) to share a list of things you can do while you stay-and-work-and-stay-at-home!

  1. Revisit Career Goals
    Take this as a chance to pause, think and reflect. Maybe look at how your life was and how you’d like it to be in 2-3 years. Put that overthinking brain to good use!
  2. Gratefulness is a great thing. Try it!
    In these tough, strange, unprecedented times, think about all that you have. Be grateful that you can stay at home and work, unlike so many Indians who can’t.
  3. Think beyond yourself 🙂
    Instead of posting #boredathome memes on social media, maybe offer your skills to someone who would deeply value it. Or volunteer from home! There are many apps that connect you with those who need us, now a lot more than ever. Go spread some good 🙂 (#TeamArthanRecommends: An app called Be My Eyes)
  4. Do some chores!
    Help around the house. More than usual, please. A parent’s cooking? Ask them if you can help set the table or clean the kitchen up. Maybe iron some clothes! Or just please, clean your room. That would be great. Thank you very much!
  5. Create a work/life balance. ‘Cos it has never been more important!
    Set aside your 8 (or however many) hours of work and follow it diligently, in a disciplined way, like you would when you go to work. It helps with those productivity issues. Trust us! Go dress up a little and find a space that you can call your home office. And no, pyjamas don’t count and the bed cannot be your home office.
  6. Read Books
    Think of it this way. Imagine all that time you spend travelling from home to work and back home again. Take that time and make it your read-a-book or learn-a-new-skill or maybe even read-all-those-saved-articles-that-you-never-go-back-to time! (#TeamArthanRecommends: A book called Designing Your Life)
  7. Learn new skills
    This is also a great time to invest in learning, but also remember, the skills of the future would be very different from what we have right now! How about learning a new language? PS. There are some great courses available online too! (#TeamArthanRecommends: An app called Duolingo)
  8. Slow.It.Down
    Learn to slow down. And here’s your chance to think and plan long term. Spend some time with yourself.
  9. And while you’re at it, spend some time with your family too. They’re nice people! 🙂
  10. Do things!
    You know what some of the other things you can do are? You can draw, or sing, or dance, or bake, or cook, or even water those plants that you have been meaning to! Or just take a break and watch some funny movies or TV shows. How about playing online games with your friends? (#TeamArthanRecommends: Games like Catan, Uno, Ludo and Psych)
  11. And don’t forget. Work out!
    At times like this, when you’re hardly stepping outside, it is all the more important to take care of your health. Pull out that yoga mat or find some Zumba classes online. ‘Coz you gotta move it, move it! 
  12. Meditate.
    You know you need it. And what better time than now to learn how to practice mindfulness. (#TeamArthanRecommends: An app called Insight Timer)
  13. Check-in.
    With friends and family who live in different parts of the globe. Especially those who live alone. And even more so, the elderly. Make sure they all know about all the precautions they need to take 🙂
  14. Contribute to the war against coronavirus.
    Yes, your biggest contribution definitely is staying at home. But, while you’re doing that, maybe help some more people out! #TeamArthanRecommends: Feedingindia and GiveIndia to provide food assistance, Goonj to support affected families and PharmEasy to send masks to the medical staff aka heroes!

It’s great what you can achieve when you work together (again, not literally during these times, obviously). And not only that, it is amazing to see the support we receive during these times. Here’s one such message that we just had to share!

“I just want to put one point out there – it’s normal to feel anxious and upset and stressed. And I believe that this pressure that we put on ourselves to ‘think about the larger perspective’ and ‘think beyond ourselves’, while important can really end up causing more stress.
Different people respond to feeling low differently and it’s important to remember that if you are feeling a certain way, you acknowledge it and try to work through it rather than trying to make it seem less by pushing it down or telling yourself that there are bigger problems. How you feel is important.
We are all complete universes in ourselves and if something is not feeling right within us then that is a problem worth spending time on, thinking about and taking care of. Because otherwise, we are only delaying those feelings.
So do everything that works for you. And don’t forget about yourself. A big hug to everyone! :)”

Mahamaya Navlakha, VP at Arthan

So, start a routine of things you always wanted to do but never had the time to and maybe those things will stick like a habit during this time and after!

This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come 🙂

Good luck!
Team Arthan

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  1. Of course the storm will end leading to a more peaceful and serene atmosphere so that you children of ours will move fast forward towards productivity. Best of luck. Take a break ! Stay at home keeping way your gadgets also 2 metres away.

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