InfluenceHER Project

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InfluenceHER Project

The InfluencHER Project is an editorial program and global community where women help amplify the voices of other women. The goal of this initiative is to empower and amplify female voices and help women’s ideas travel farther, increase the influence of women experts and perspectives, and encourage more women to speak up, and speak out.

The Problem: Women’s Voices are Underrepresented

  • Less visibility around the world.
  • Women’s voices are drowned out. 77% of quoted experts by the main UK news outlets are men.
  • Women are absent as editors.
  • Women are more likely to get pushback when they do speak out.
  • There is a clear disconnect between female expertise and their sense of its value in public discourse.

The Strategy: Increase the Influence of Female Voices

  • Build a Community
  • Cultivate Quality Content
  • Amplify Reach

The InfluenceHER project’s pilot was launched on June 1, 2020 and will last for a duration of 5 months in Phase 1.

As an InfluencHER, you will receive an email twice a month with roughly five pieces of recent content curated by their editorial advisors for quality, originality, diversity of voice and perspective, and potential influence. Shared pieces will cover a variety of topics and will include content from around the world. All content will be written by, created by, or feature women contributors.

Here is where you come in!

If you are willing to be part of this community in the test phase, please email, or send questions to As a participant in The InfluencHER Project, our ask to you is this:

  1. Follow us on social media on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube.
  2. Share at least five pieces that have been shared with you over the course of this “test phase” (June through October) with your networks via your social media platforms. Tag us @InfluencHERproj.
  3. Ask leading women in your network to join this community!

The InfluencHER Project team is in the process of recruiting 50-100 women leaders (including you, we hope) as part of the pilot phase. We intend to grow those ranks to include a diverse global community of more than 500 women across industry and from around the world. Learn more about us here!

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