Future of Work: What you can expect

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Future of Work: What you can expect

As the Covid-19 pandemic normalises remote working, many more changes are following suit. The use of technology, automation and artificial intelligence has seen a drastic rise in the past few months – all of which are likely to impact core skills and job requirements of the future. Not only this but ensuring the safety of employees and reducing costs at a time when global economies are facing multiple challenges, have become increasingly important. 

The social sector has been affected equally. Facing an unparalleled existential crisis with the reduction in funding and the threat to jobs across the sector, there is a great need to redefine how organisations, teams and individuals will work together in the future and continue working towards solving some of the most critical challenges our societies face.

It is imperative that we take a hard look at what the future holds in terms of human capital for the social impact sectors – from the skills needed to the opportunities and challenges the sector faces vis a vis work. There is no time to lose in building effective organisations that are capable of finding solutions, ensuring that relevant skills get imparted and everyone has access to opportunities.

This leads us to ask what the future of work will look like. Will the adoption of remote working, digitization, AI & automation be the new norm? Will we change the way we define the workforce of the future as gig economies take over and geographical boundaries of employment disappear? What will be the new jobs and skills of the future? And specifically, when the workforce around the world goes through a dynamic shift, how does impact get created and scaled in the future?

To answer this and more, we are convening the 12th forum under our Building Civil Society Organisations of the Future initiative –  Future of Work – a 3 day convening with some of the world’s leading thinkers, doers, builders and troublemakers from diverse sectors to explore the key trends in the future of work and social impact. Here’s what you can expect during the forum:

  • 3 days of insightful sessions exploring key trends around the future of work
  • 30+ sessions, masterclasses, workshops, lightning talks and more to share knowledge, create problem-specific solutions and shed light 
  • 50+ leaders and practitioners from around the world
  • 1000+ attendees
  • Access to mid to senior level roles from actively hiring social impact organisations
  • Opportunities to network and connect  with like minded individuals

Meet and interact with leaders from organisations such as:
PCDN, INSEAD, THNK School of Creative Leadership, JustJobs Network, Transforming Talent, Partners Global, Climate Trends, IndiVillage, Disco Porcupine LLC, Svarya, Amani Institute amongst others

Join sessions that will be led by:

  • Founders, CEOs of social impact organisations from across the globe
  • Subject matter experts and academicians from top schools
  • Leaders from social & corporate sectors
  • Representatives from global foundations and CSR

Get more details and passes to the forum here.
For any queries, write to us at content@arthancareers.com

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