Edition Two: Arthan Human Capital Summit 2019

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Edition Two: Arthan Human Capital Summit 2019

By Mahamaya Navlakha and Mridula Kashyap

Celebrating three years of being in existence, Arthan hosted the second edition of its Annual Human Capital Summit on Thursday, December 19, 2019, at The University of Chicago Center in New Delhi.

The summit aimed to facilitate discussions around human capital challenges in the Social Impact Sector in India and use Arthan’s learnings to facilitate solutions and help in further transforming human capital in the sector.

The day began with Satyam Vyas, Founder & CEO, Arthan, throwing light over Arthan’s journey of the past three years and highlighting key learnings. Talking about the multitude of problems faced when it comes to recruitment for the sector, he spoke about the art and science behind it and the need to consider both when making decisions.

Pradeep Nair, Regional Director, Ford Foundation then delivered the Keynote Address, discussing the Social Impact Sector in India, the challenges one faces while being in the sector and the pressing needs of the hour.

Panel: Gender, Inclusivity, and the Social Impact Sector
Creating a gender-inclusive workplace culture

fLTR: Sohini Bhattacharya, Breakthrough; Ruchi Sarin Sharma, HR Leader; Pradeep Nair, Ford Foundation; Shriya Sethi, International Innovation Corps

Discussing and challenging the inherent gender biases in the sector, the panel gave food for thought when it comes to hiring practices, the involvement of people other than men at the top leadership levels, and the various sub-sectors where the ratios and still very skewed.

Panel: Navigating the Transition: From Corporate to Social
Learning and unlearning for a successful switch

fLTR: Priya Ajmera, AIC N/Core; Sanjay Kadaveru, Action For India; Tarun Sharma, Nagrika; Shehzia Lilani, Amani Institute; Sucharita Kamath, ANDE

The panel discussed personal stories of all speakers and their experience of how easy or difficult it can be to make the transition into the sector. The speakers spoke about their big learnings and stories of growth.

Panel: Organisational Design in the 21st Century
Building social impact organisations for the future

fLTR: Deepak Dogra, Room to Read; Smita Deorah, LEAD School; Satyam Vyas, Arthan

Sharing ideas and insights around designing organisations for excellence and scale, the panel was informative from a future planning perspective – shedding light on issues like planning teams to skill requirements for the future.

Panel: Effective Coaching and Mentoring
Who, What, Why, and How

fLTR: Rahul Balakrishnan, Arthan; Manas Rath, BORDA; Ruchi Sarin Sharma, HR Leader

Coaching and mentoring are overused words but underused concepts, specifically in the Social Impact Sector. This panel spoke about the importance of these simple exercises and shared ways to help professionals think about personal biases and remove barriers to success.

That concluded the second edition of Arthan’s Human Capital Summit 2019. We’d like to thank everyone who came and supported our endeavour towards a stronger Social Impact Sector in India. It was a day filled with engaging conversations, innumerable opportunities for networking and discussions on ways to transform talent in the sector for the better.

We will be back in December 2020 for our third Annual Summit. Next, meet us in Mumbai in February 2020 for our collaborative conference: Demystifying Social Impact Careers.

For more details, write to anchal@arthancareers.com or register here.

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