Atma Accelerator Program Is Open For Registrations

Atma Accelerator Program Details
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Atma Accelerator Program Is Open For Registrations

Atma supports NGOs and social enterprises working in the education domain and helps them become sustainable and scaleable.

Atma’s accelerator program has impacted 61 organisations, namely, Muktangan, Masoom, Bright Future, Sol’s Arc, Karunya, Apni Shala, Life Labs, Vidya and OSCAR foundation.

The registrations for the 2019 Atma Accelerator Program are now open.

Through the Accelerator Program, Atma provides its partner organisations with 1 – 3 Years of support in key organisational development areas such as Strategy, Fundraising, Human Resources, Program Development, Monitoring and Evaluation and more.

Atma provides strategy development guidance and consultancy, project design and implementation support in the organisational development areas, trainings and workshops, and resource linkages.

Atma works with the organisations to ensure that at the end of the partnership, the organisations have the following in place:

i. strong ability to articulate impact

ii. strong fundraising systems and processes

iii. strong governance and leadership

iv. strong programme design and delivery

v.  ability to attract and retain talent. 

You can read up more about Atma and the Accelerator Program here.

Atma has opened registrations for NGOs and Social Enterprises interested in joining the Accelerator Program. Interested organisations are requested to email as well as fill out the expression of interest form available on the website. 

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