ASEAN-India Science & Technology Development Fund

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ASEAN-India Science & Technology Development Fund

Inviting Applications!

Apply By: 01 Oct 2019

Grant Amount: 5000000 USD

About the Organization

ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations): India S&T Collaboration started formally in 1996 with establishment of ASEAN India S&T working Group (AIWGST). Initially, the collaborative ASEAN-India S&T activities were supported through ASEAN India Fund (AIF). In 2008, Government of India established a dedicated fund viz ASEAN India S&T Development Fund (AISTDF) to support R&D projects and associated project development activities


The main objectives of ASEAN-India Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation are based on following principles-

  • Encourage and promote cooperation in science, technology and innovation, including through joint research activity, and development on cross-sectoral areas such as health, communicable and emerging infectious diseases, environmental management, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, agricultural technologies, alternative energy, biodiversity, food processing, advanced materials for development of value-added products, and space technology and applications;
  • Encourage and promote cooperation in biotechnology including through capacity building and joint research and development for mutual benefit;
  • Undertake activities and develop program / projects under the ASEAN-India Science and Technology Development Fund;

Priority research areas

All disciplines of natural sciences, medicine, health, Mathematics, electronics & IT, science & technology (social sciences & humanities are not covered


To intensify interaction and scientific cooperation between Indian and ASEAN scientists / institutions

  • To connect existing but separately funded research projects in India and ASEAN MS
  • To enhance academic training and development of young scholar

Project duration: 24-36 months (No extension with or without additional cost beyond 3 years duration of the project).


Please click on the Link to find out about eligibility and information on how to apply.

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