Are video resumes the future?

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Are video resumes the future?

Creating a perfect resume is vital for everyone in the current competitive job world.

From the ones starting their career to those well settled in their field, everyone requires a resume when looking for a job. And few people can tell you what the ingredients of a perfect resume are.  While we all look for these answers, video resumes are making their way into the modern hiring landscape and transforming the way companies acquire talent.

The new trend of video resumes can help jobseekers in many ways.

Firstly, a well-made video resume will automatically make a jobseeker stand out as it is still a novel concept.  For example, a young student, Puroshottam, applied for a data scientist job at NoBroker and sent them a video resume. He was instantly recruited by the organisation. After receiving their first-ever video resume, NoBroker is now encouraging candidates to send video resumes. ‘Video resumes help judge the personality of the candidate and shortlist quickly. We are readying ourselves for video resumes for future recruitments,’ Akhil Gupta, founder of NoBroker told ET.  

Secondly, video resumes give the hiring managers a quick understanding of the personality of the candidate. Additionally, creating a strong video resume is proof of an ability to create good video content, which may be advantageous in creative professions.

With video resumes becoming frequent, digital technology is indeed on its way to transforming the hiring process. There are a few companies who are working on making video resumes more popular.  Here are a few of them.

Swazuna technologies is launching

Swazuna is working in the artificial intelligence powered talent acquisition and video interviewing platform. The company will be launching that will allow candidates to upload a 3-minute video of their profiles. ‘Video resumes give recruiters an instant idea about their dynamism, communication skills, body language’ revealed Bhasker, co-founder of Swazuna. 


Shrofile, started by two HR professionals Neha and Rupal, is a platform created to help professionals across the globe. It is a video platform that focuses on the aspects of a candidate’s personality. They are targeting the ‘ $6 billion professional search global market’, reported Your Story. The video-based platform wants to bridge the gap between working professionals and prospective employers. Videos recorded by the users will be a part of their profile and will not be available to any company in particular. This is done so to provide an objective view of the candidate’s personality.


Showbox is a cloud-based video creation platform that is providing studio-quality video creation to everyone. It is a platform that has dedicated services and technologies to create brilliant branded videos. Users can also make video resumes on the same.

The all-new arthancareers platform allows jobseekers to upload a video resume to express themselves better. Have you signed up yet? Register as a jobseeker today and get access to the best social impact opportunities.

Do you think video resumes are here to stay? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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