Applications for Tech4Dev 2019 Are Open

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Applications for Tech4Dev 2019 Are Open

Tech4Dev is an initiative by the Chintu Gudiya Foundation that is based out of San Francisco, California and is run by a family.  They have aided several NGOs in the United States who are working towards developing open source software for public welfare. 

Chintu Gudiya Foundation believes that technology is a tool to build efficiency in operations and hence can positively impact the social sector. However, integrating technology is not the simplest task as it requires capital investment along with time and expert knowledge of the software. There is often a shortage of supply regarding these requirements in growth stage non-profit organizations. 

Their initiative Project Tech4Dev works with Indian NGOs to enhance the implementation of their programs through strong data collection, analysis, and visualizations tools.

The 2019 application process is open now. 

Project Tech4Dev
An initiative to empower Indian NGOs working towards implementing data-driven programs such as strong data collection and data analysis.

The focus is on using software tools to improve program operations for social impact organizations in India. Furthermore, the foundation aims at a sustainable approach where the long term software capability of NGOs is strengthened. Chintu Gudiya works with NGOs for 6 months to implement the project.

How can you apply?
Chintu Gudiya Foundation selects up to up to 10 non-profit organizations. The selection process will begin in July and end in October.

Eligibility Criteria

  • If your organization is a  growth stage not for profit or social business based in  India, with an annual budget of less than INR 10 Cr;
  • If your organization has a clear and specific project description;
  • If you believe that the use of technology in your first stage of work will lead to efficiency and scalability, then you are eligible to apply for the grant.
  • PLEASE, do not apply if your project involves your organization’s back-end office systems such as financial or HR systems, website development, etc.

About the Grant
A non-monetary grant, equivalent to USD 25,000 where software experts will work with your organization for 4-6 months. The grant will include exploration and research of open-source software systems; analysis and documentation of existing systems; project-based support via software consulting, designing and implementation and more.

Projects are shortlisted based on several criteria such as,
Number of people who will be impacted by the program,

  • Till what extent does the project affect the organization’s growth and impact,
  • Can other nonprofits benefit from this project,
  • Does a similar software solution exist, how innovative is the software solution?

The first deadline in the application process is August 4th! To find out more details of the application process, visit .

For any queries that are not answered in the information above, please reach out to
For more information please check the Link 

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