TALK: ‘Understanding Centrally Sponsored Schemes: An Instrument for Financing Development’

Talk at Centre For Policy Research
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TALK: ‘Understanding Centrally Sponsored Schemes: An Instrument for Financing Development’

CPR is pleased to invite you for a talk on

‘Understanding Centrally Sponsored Schemes: An Instrument for Financing Development’

About the Event

Since 2009, Accountability Initiative has been studying the design and processes of key social welfare programmes, specifically Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs). CSSs are specific purpose schemes designed by the Union government and implemented by states. Over time they have become the primary way in which the Government of India promotes development initiatives pan-country, and have a critical part to play in India’s development story.

This talk draws on Accountability Initiative’s work and will provide a detailed overview of CSSs. In specific, it will focus on the following: Why were CSSs conceptualised as a federal intervention tool to bring about development in all states post-independence? What is their present status?What are the funding and institutional architecture of CSSs? What are some key challenges and bottlenecks in the implementation of the CSSs? How can the policy of convergence (combining of CSS programmes) play a role in addressing bottlenecks?

Introduction by Avani Kapur, Director, Accountability Initiative

Session Lead: Mridusmita Bordoloi, Senior Researcher,  Accountability Initiative

About Session Lead

Mridusmita’s key areas of research include tracking processes and finances in India’s public education sector and related outcomes, labour market analysis, and understanding the Indian consumer economy in terms of income, expenditure and saving patterns of the household sector.  In recent years, she has also been actively involved in studying the governance and fund-flow processes of India’s policy initiatives on child and maternal nutrition and their impact. Apart from budget analysis, she has extensive experience in conducting quantitative research using large-scale survey datasets such as NSSO, NFHS and ASI. She also tracks India’s macroeconomic trends using National Accounts Statistics data.

About the Policy In-Depth Series

The Policy In-Depth Series hosted by Accountability Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research deliberates on the implementation of key welfare programmes in India, the policy decisions that direct their course and the impact this has on citizens. It seeks to connect mid-level, aspiring development practitioners with scholars and cutting edge knowledge in welfare policy. 

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