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Your first job posting is free. For subsequent job postings you are referred to the pricing page where you can select a package that best suits your requirements.

We need to ensure that the job postings are from genuine social impact sector organisations. Registering from a business account enables us to verify the credibility of the posting which is essential to maintain quality and generate trust within jobseekers.

Yes. In case you have any queries before you opt for a package, you can write to us at

In case of any technical difficulties you can write to us at

This service is exclusively available to organisations that have outsourced their recruitment to Arthan. Our team will take care of all the hiring needs including posting and vetting profiles, scheduling interviews. If you would like to opt for our services write to us at

We would recommend using Google Chrome in order for an optimized experience.

Arthan provides all HR related functions for an organisation. Our services include: Organisational Development, Capacity Building workshops, Knowledge Sessions & Conventions. For more details visit the Services section


Yes, Arthan Careers is free for jobseekers.

We recommend a profile strength that is greater than 80%. Please refer to the hints provided in the dashboard to increase your profile strength. We also encourage employers to give feedback on the profiles received.

For the platform to give you recommendation on jobs it is mandatory to fill the ‘My Key Skills’ section. If any of the jobs on platform match your profile these will be displayed in ‘Recommended Jobs’ tab. Feel free to check ‘All Jobs’ to refer all the opportunities.

We understand you are curious about the opportunity and your application. Our platform sends out notification to your registered email as soon as an employer selects your profile.

There is no limit! You can apply for as many jobs. However, we recommend that you carefully choose and apply for position which matches your profile.

We recommend ‘Google Chrome’ for optimum user experience.

In case you face any technical difficulties you can write to us at

We would love to hear from you. Please write to us at