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HR Director
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About the Organization
A corporate social responsibility (CSR) consulting firm that collaborates with companies to develop impactful CSR initiatives. We are co creating a CSR eco-system of multi-stakeholder partnerships by leveraging our strengths in strategic consulting; research and knowledge; programme design and management; impact assessment and capacity building. Collective Good Foundation, an organizational initiative, identifies and forms partnerships with implementers to manage CSR funds for corporates by addressing complex issues and providing end-to-end project management solutions. We embed technology in our initiatives to track and maximize real time impact.

We believe that great companies are built by great teams. This philosophy is at the heart of our vision for the organization we want to scale over the next decade. A company with people at its core, where people are the biggest moat. A 75 people strong team of 26-year olds that is based out of seven cities in India. If you are looking for an organization that truly cares about people and a CEO who is looking to bring the best of class innovation into CSR -this organization is the place for you. We solve problems through collective action. In this role, you will work directly with the CEO to shape organization's culture, ensure every individual at this organization has a clear growth path, spot talent gaps, and help the organization deliver 50%+ revenue growth year-on-year while proportionately increasing margin.

This role requires you to:
  1. Help us design the organization of the future – recruit top talent, design variable-centred compensation, institute required management processes and coach and empower the leadership team.
  2.  Help us shape how every individual in our team experiences life at the organization! You will play a key role in every step of their journey including on-boarding, performance management, engagement and retention.
  3. Build, amplify and make culture a key value proposition for recruitment and retention.
  4. Create delightful on-boarding experiences for everyone who joins our team. You will help them thrive at the organization, right from day one!
  5. Integrate best practices to help enhance the performance management system.
  6. Conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys, analyse results to coach managers and leaders in action planning exercises.
  7. Disseminate HR insights, manage all internal communication and plan engagement activities that can help teams and individuals work better.
  8. Develop world class training and development programs for all the staff. 
  9. Work with the leaders to develop policies and procedures that are people-friendly and are designed to help the organization scale.
  10. Build relationship with the Board, the Senior leaders across the organization and partner with the CEO to effectively deliver various HR programs to the business. 
  11. You will also play a key role in succession planning and development of the next generation of leaders, managers and individual contributors.
  12. Most importantly, you will help each individual do their lives’ best work!
Candidate Description -
Must haves for this role:

1. At the core of the organization, lies our people. If you believe in the potential of people — that given the right environment, individuals can grow to do great things and great teams are built by great people - we are looking for you.

2. You are passionate about building great teams and have 12+ years of experience of building a world-class team for a growing organization. Candidates with an MBA would be preferred.

3. You have an understanding of building a strong culture that keeps people at the center of everything.

4. You have outstanding communication skills, high EQ and strong interpersonal skills. You know what it takes to set the right expectations and effectively communicate them.

5. You can not only handle pressure and stressful situations, but you also understand and can find your way around to find effective solutions.

6. Comfortable with ambiguity and rapid change. Structured and analytical approach to solving problems.

7. You are someone who loves taking initiative, you do not hesitate before taking on new responsibilities and can juggle between multiple projects.

8. Stellar planning with the ability to prioritize amidst various / sometimes conflicting priorities. Adept at scoping out length and difficulty of tasks and projects and an ability to break down process steps.

9. You are an inspirational leader who can motivate and energize teams and clients

10. You have strong experience of working with senior leaders with the ability to generate and communicate unique value propositions.

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