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Lend-A-Hand India's mission is to make a difference in the lives of the poor through self help.

By partnering with grassroots non-profit organizations, community groups, and local governments, we create better access to education, vocational training, career development, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Our goal is to help the poor realize their full potential to meet their aspirations for a better life.

Job Role – Officer / Coordinator (Business development/partnership/outreach) 
Location: Flexible for right candidate (Pune, Mumbai or Delhi preferred)
Travel: 60-70% (Post Lockdown)

About the position
Outreach / Business Development -
  • Outreach to potential employers to advocate the idea through cold calls, emails, meetings, references who can offer internships, apprenticeships, full/part time job opportunities to students. Onboarding of employers inducting them about internship / apprenticeship program.
  • Ongoing liaison with employers by providing updates of students and involving them to stay in touch by way of inviting them for visits, events, guest lectures, act as judge, mentor, etc.
  • Orienting students for internship opportunities, Conduct training sessions for the students to introduce them to the concept of career, internship, apprenticeship, full time/part time jobs and various options they have. Engaging past students in orientation
  • Conduct events like HR meet, Job Fair, Celebrations to bring students, parents, employers, vocational training providers on common platform to promote Skill based Education and Jobs.
Project Implementation and monitoring -
  • Assist Project Director / Manager for overall effective and efficient program management and administration and project goals
  • Work across functional areas of the Project to organize, coordinate and deploy necessary resources for effective implementation of project with the help of field team. Active contribution to the strategic plan of the project and translate strategic objectives into operational plans.
  • Responsible for effective project implementation and monitoring across the state where the project is implemented as a part of the team. Coordination of proposed Project events with different teams and provide support required from Head Office and participate in such events.
  • Coordination and monitoring of the project activities. Facilitate information flow and; data management with continuous review of efficient work flows of the team consistent with strategic objectives for project delivery
  • Time bound report writing and submission of timely qualitative and quantitative reports.
  • Draft success stories of internships / apprenticeships, both of students and employers.
  • Create picture, video documentation for outreach and donor reporting purpose
Candidate Description -
Ideal candidate will be: (Attributes)
  1. One who is a die-hard optimist: This is not going to be easy and that is why probably it is not done so far. There will be multiple seemingly insurmountable challenges but you would be willing to overcome those
  2. One who is a great story teller: This position is going to be as much about storytelling as about getting the work done as you will be required to convince multiple stakeholders who will be full of rightly placed apprehensions.  Your job will be to bring them on board (read parents, employers, policy makers, vendors and of course, the youth)
  3. One who is not looking for credit but getting the work done. Lend A Hand India has a rule of “no logos and no egos” as we believe that work will speak for itself (hence please do not visit our website ??. The lesser known you are (and want to be), better qualified you will be, for this job !
  4. One who will Lead the team spread all across India – We want to make internship truly universal hence being able to manage and inspire team which will be spread across India will be essential 
  5. One who has track record of Idea to Execution – While founders will be always there to guide you, imagine that the background you have been given as this part of Job Advertisement is the only thing you have been told and you have to run with it and make it happen on the ground hence exceptionally good at conceptualization, design, execution, and post execution follow ups
  6. One who is comfortable with Technology for scaling up – Needless to say, technology will play a significant role in nationwide scale up of such an initiative hence being comfortable with technology and its application is necessary. 
  7. One who can work with “Founders Syndrome” – You will be working with two co- founders who have been at it for more than a decade hence being able to manage both them will be essential part of the job. At times they themselves may differ in their own opinions and you may have to act as a mediator!
Desired Qualification:
This is less of a job and more of contributing to building of our nation! We firmly believe that formal academic qualification is no indicator whatsoever of what a person is passionate about and what he/she is capable of doing. Whether you have studied
at IIT or ITI, it really does not matter. Hence, there is no formal academic degree requirement. We also do not believe in age or number of years of experience as a criterion – only requirement is passion to make it happen. In short, we are looking for an entrepreneur
not an employee!

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