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Lead Educational Specialist - Assessments
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Lead creation, review and suggestions on question ideas for scholastics and co-
scholastic assessments.

? Plan, support, ideate, suggest and execute assessment strategies for scholastic and co-
scholastic assessments and planning, managing and working with the team to get

ensure high-quality assessment tools.
? Lead by ideating and creating assessments thoughtfully for different projects that
answer the need of the project working closely in tandem with EI’s partners.
? Ideate and create modules thoughtfully for capacity building workshops that can
achieve their purpose – including Word, PowerPoint and video modules.
? Lead the Assessments team in to conduct successful capacity building workshops.
? Work with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate, educate and coordinate the
project needs of assessment, execution & analysis.
? Do continuous product-level analysis to identify strengths and areas of improvement
needed for assessments.
? Maintain up-to-date documentation of the different product features.
? Look through data through a research perspective and create research-based ideas to
analyse data to create deeper understanding of pedagogy.
? Understand analysis and reporting needs for the project and ensure analyses for the
given project and write reports.
? Travel to support and enhance research projects or partner activities.
? Lead the team’s growth and learning as and when needed.
? Create and deliver high quality documents as per project and partner needs with an
eye for detail.
? Follow-up and close issues reported by clients.
? Commenting and finalizing questions made by team members to enhance the quality
of questions.
? Analyzing large-scale student response data to figure out how children think and
? Lead the process of designing and conducting training and workshops on Assessment
Process, Question making, understanding results, and reports, etc.
? Conduct evaluator training/post analysis workshops throughout the country.
? Spending considerable time on the field by setting standard processes, doing training
for invigilators and helping out with field audit and other relevant implements
Candidate Description -
8-10 years of experience in the field of Education, Academics, Assessments.
Should have expertise at least in 2 Subjects, Candidate can come from a background such as PGT, Vice Principal, Principal, Curriculum Designer, Education Coaches, Assessment Specialist in Education), Should speak Hindi. 

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