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Curriculum Designer
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We believe in providing foundational excellence with an ecosystem-led approach for students, parents and teachers.

Our end to end learning experience provides structured & customised content with regular online weekly teaching sessions. Our modules (K12) offer a question led learning with embedded interactive information pieces (videos/gifs/tools etc.) Through our data science engine, we are able to make the students learn in a way they understand the best - as we aim to provide real-time hints, adjust difficulty levels, provide interest (eg. sports) based questions, media format as per their liking, etc.

Our vision is to enable every child to realize & reach their learning potential. And, we believe that everyone’s potential is just their imagination!

Curriculum Designer

We believe students learn best through guided exploration by connecting the dots between what is known and unknown. We are achieving this by leveraging technology as well as the expertise of tutors. Our live lessons and self-paced content comprise interactive and visually stimulating pieces designed to ensure that students are active participants in their learning and not passive recipients of the information.

? Design rigorous and creative literacy mini-modules to build writing, reading, speaking and listening competencies. These modules will be delivered to diverse middle school learners via live lessons conducted by our tutors.
? Build a non-syllabus aligned Literacy Curriculum from scratch.
? Conceptualize performance tasks for each mini-module to help build online students' portfolios.
? Work with illustrators and frontend developers to design innovative and engaging inter-activities 
and assessments
? Work with in-house tutors to improve student’s learning experience

? Strong conceptual understanding of K-12 English Literacy 
? Exposure to basic principles of general pedagogy 
? Ability to visualise and present content in a very engaging manner which is student-friendly

Brownie Points 
? Experience in creating and producing content for Ed-tech platforms 
? Experience in storyboarding and scriptwriting for educational content 
? Experience working as a full-time teacher in a top-tier institution

Location: Bengaluru, India 
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