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Director –Operations are responsible to strategize and execute the operational plans in the most efficient and effective manner. Empowering and enabling the team to deliver program objectives; managing the funds and budgets for programs; building strategic partnerships; involved in capacity building of partners and setting up the research vertical are a few key aspects of the role. The role also is a customer facing role, to show case the project performance and taking the customer through the partnership journey.

The Director –Operations along with the ED&Director - Finance constitutes the core management team of the organisation.   
The position reports into the ED of the organisation.


Strategic Priorities and Operational Plan

-          Participate in identifying strategic priorities for the organization along with the leadership team
-          Create annual operational plan in line with the strategic priorities identified for the org. 
-          Ensure collaboration and synergies across various functions like Corporate Relations and Finance to enable smooth operations
-          Provide progress updates to the Board of Directors as and when required

Program Management and Implementation

-          Create standard operating procedures for program management to ensure all programs are delivered efficiently. Ensure program objectives and outcomes, theory of change, log framework, documentation, monitoring and evaluation, program assessment, capacity building of implementation partners are all a part of the standard operating procedure
-          Define the program selection criteria. Define percentage of work that will be done in domains (health, education, environment, livelihood) that are focus areas for the org and percentage of work in other domains
-          Define a robust monitoring and evaluation framework. Ensure outputs and outcomes are measured on a regular basis and published to relevant stakeholders
-          Collaborate with the Corporate Relations team to ensure programs are well defined and articulated at proposal and MoU stage
-          Ensure resources and budgets are managed efficiently across all the programs

Research and Advocacy

-          Set up the research arm and define the research mandate for the org
-          Oversee the research function and ensure extensive research is conducted on the domains that the org works in. Identify areas, geographies and issues that are priorities. Use the research outcomes to write out white papers, articles, knowledge bites and ensure it is disseminated to the right audience
-          Ensure landscape research is conducted before working in a new domain as input into the program design to help sharpen the program outcomes

Capacity building of NGOs and other stakeholders

-          Define the capacity building model for NGOs, other critical stakeholders and the community
-          Ensure clear metrics are defined to help assess the outcomes/ impact of capacity building initiatives
-          Ensure capacity building calendar is released and adhered to for the year. Bring in internal and external experts to conduct capacity building workshops/ seminars
-          Build internal capacity to write proposals, program outcomes, log frameworks and other programmatic components

Strategic Partnerships and Relationships

-          Build and maintain strategic partnerships and relationships with the Government, large NGOs/ NGOs key sector entities to help build presence and brand for the org
-          Identify opportunities to bring various stakeholders together to deliver social impact
-          Identify strategic and technical partners across various domains that the org focuses on

Team Development

-          Train and develop team members to achieve their goals and improve performance
-          Set clear expectations and goals for team members and monitor progress
-          Coach and mentor team members to build their capability and create successors for each level
Candidate Description -
- At least 18 years of relevant work experience
- At least 5-8 years of program management/ project management/ grassroots level experience
- At least 3 years of managerial/ leadership level experience

Strategic thinking
Operational excellence
Planning and execution
Program Management
Collaboration and partnerships
Networking skills
Communication skills
Team Development
Effective time management
Willingness to travel extensively

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