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Regional Manager- Donor Acquisition
  • Bangalore

  • ₹ 1200000 - 1500000 p/a

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Providing strategic and operational leadership to individual fundraising teams in multiple geographies and providing appropriate leadership to align the whole team with organisational mission and core purpose form the key functions of this role. To develop, implement and manage a multi-disciplinary community fundraising strategy to deliver fundraised income targets and achieving other agreed targets, particularly through face to face and tele marketing of individuals forms another important aspect of this role. Ensuring monthly donor acquisition and income targets, and ensuring consistency in achieving fundraising street hours planned for the regions form other key functions.
Candidate Description -
-Leadership: Act as an inspiration to the whole regional fundraising team and ensure- mission, cultural, professional and business alignment of the whole region with the greater organisational purpose. Provide leadership to the team in ensuring organisational growth.
-Fundraising strategy: Develop innovative strategy and tactics for donor sign up, improve sign up rate and income.
-Achieve fundraising targets: Budget, donor sign up rate, street hours, acquisition targets, staff attrition.
-Building and managing strong network of fundraisers: Develop and implement hiring plan, work with training teams for capacity building, work with Director- Acquisition for performance management and other work as required.
-Opening doors for public engagement: To develop partnership strategy for public engagement through corporate and others for bulk donor sign up. To ensure street occupancy of all fundraisers optimally through pre-approved fundraising permissions through partnerships.
-Planning, budgeting, implementation, management and administrative:
*Accountability: Ensure all statutory and organizational adherence for reporting, policies, standard procedures etc. Develop highest accountability and transparency standards that are driven by a voluntary desire to be accountable to all stakeholders.

-Minimum five years of experience in leading a face to face or other individual fundraising team in any managerial positions. 
-Must have working experience in multiple geographical locations in India. 
-Regional leadership roles in fundraising of over 2 years shall be preferred. 
-Must have excellent people management skills. 
-Must have the ability to demonstrate leadership in strenuous circumstances. 
-Developed subjective knowledge of face to face fundraising will be an added advantage. 
-Should have advanced level of aptitude in fundraising data interpretation and analysis. 
-Highly developed skills and exposure to multifarious retail fundraising methods- offline and online would be an asset. 
-Highly organised and ability to work around deadlines. 
-Astuteness to optimally and effectively function in diverse and complex environment and situations.

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